Prevent Dry Air in Your House This Winter With a Whole-Home Humidifier

Add Moisture To Your House With a Humidifier 

When chilly temperatures in the winter months replace hot and humid weather, it can leave Texas homes with dry air. While this might initially seem like a nice break from the humidity, it can start to cause health symptoms and other effects for family members. 

Dry air can cause respiratory issues and dry skin and even prevent indoor plants from flourishing. Fortunately, homeowners can avoid these issues by installing a humidifier. Denton, TX HVAC contractors explain whole-house humidifier benefits for households.

Avoid Enhanced Allergy, Asthma Symptoms

One of the biggest concerns over dry air in winter is increased allergy and asthma symptoms for family members. The dry air can cause nasal and sinus irritation, coughing, and dry throats.

Whole house humidifier installations can reduce these symptoms:

  • They add moisture to the air to decrease respiratory issues and reduce coughing
  • They prevent sinus problems and nasal passage irritation
  • They help lessen cold and flu symptoms
  • They eliminate the spread of infectious diseases
  • They improve sleep conditions – especially for those who suffer from sleep apnea

Homeowners should call a professional if they notice enhanced respiratory issues. HVAC technicians can check the air quality to determine if it’s too dry, and a humidifier should be installed.

Prevent Skin Issues

skincare Dry air in a house can take a toll on household members’ skin. Family members might notice their skin is drier than usual or flaky. They might also notice cracks in their fingers, chapped lips, or increased symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

Installing a humidifier can help decrease these issues. Adding more moisture to the air makes skin less dry, skin conditions decrease, and a person’s skin might even look younger.

Improve Indoor Plant Health

plantsOther benefits of a humidifier are improved health for indoor plants. The added moisture helps plants grow and even prevents diseases.

If the air in a house gets too dry, it can cause plants to wilt, shed leaves, and even suffer from pest infestations. However, adding moisture to the air through a humidifier can reverse these conditions. This system can allow plants to grow, flourish, and live longer.

Humidifiers also give homeowners more options when selecting plants. A more humid environment allows households to add more tropical plants to their homes. 

If homeowners notice their indoor plants are starting to brown or wilt, coupled with health symptoms, they should consult an HVAC technician to determine if their air is excessively dry and if a humidifier is needed.

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