Schedule Heater Repairs When You Notice These Signs

When To Book Heater Repairs

Before a heating system completely fails, homeowners should recognize signs that their heater needs repairs. This will help households avoid a frigid house over the winter months. 

Property owners can watch for many signs that signal they need heating repairs. Denton, TX heating contractors explain some of the top symptoms to watch for, including higher energy bills than usual, odd sounds or odors, and inconsistent heat in their house.

Higher Than Usual Energy Bills

bills When homeowners notice their utility bills rising without a change in usage, it can indicate they need heater repairs to correct the loss of efficiency. 

When a heating system malfunctions, it can operate inefficiently, raising energy bills. Numerous heater problems can lead to higher-than-usual utility bills. Common issues include leaking air ducts, clogged or dirty air filters, broken parts or equipment, and heat exchanger issues.

Homeowners should also look for signs of poor insulation, a lack of heating maintenance, or a broken thermostat in their houses. When these issues occur, property owners should schedule services with a heating contractor to inspect and repair their systems.

Sudden New Sounds or Smells

bad smell While heaters can make numerous sounds or emit several odors, if homeowners suddenly hear new noises or notice new smells, it can signal a problem.

Property owners should inform heating service companies of the type of sounds they hear when scheduling repairs. This can help them determine the cause of the problem. Some common sounds technicians often inspect are:

  • Rattling, banging, or clanging: This can indicate a damaged or loose component
  • Screeching or squealing: This can mean a problem with the fan or blower motor
  • Clicking: This can signal a problem with the gas valve or ignition
  • Buzzing: This can indicate an issue with the electrical system

Homeowners should also explain the odors they notice in their house or from their heating system. Some common smells are musty or moldy odors, burning dust (especially when the heater is first turned on for the system), or burning plastic. If property owners notice odors similar to rotten eggs or gas, they should immediately evacuate the house as it can indicate a gas leak. 

A Lack of Heat

One of the most noticeable signs of a malfunctioning heater can be if the house is not properly heating. Whether homeowners notice a complete lack of heat, intermittent heating, or uneven heating, it can indicate the heater is not working correctly.

If no warm air is coming from the system – or even cool air is coming through the vents – it can signal a problem with the thermostat, heat exchanger, or ignition system. If there is uneven heating throughout the house, leaving some rooms colder than others, it can indicate an issue with the blower motor, ductwork, or even dirty air filters. 

When homeowners notice issues with their heater, they should schedule repairs with a top heater contractor. They can repair the system to get it back up and running quickly. 

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