Expert Tips on When to Replace Your Thermostat

Signs You Need to Replace the Thermostat

When homeowners think about ensuring their air conditioner is working correctly, they often focus on the AC components like the compressor, air handler, coils, and other items. However, it’s also important to ensure the thermostat is working properly. 

Suppose a thermostat is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. In that case, it can prevent the air conditioner from properly cooling a house, reduce the AC unit’s lifespan, and cause utility bills to increase. 

To avoid these problems, AC contractors tell Denton, TX homeowners what broken thermostat symptoms to watch for that can indicate they need thermostat replacement services. These include higher utility bills, incorrect temperature readings, and short cycling.

Higher Energy Bills

billsOne negative impact a broken thermostat can have on households is high energy bills. When a thermostat stops working correctly, it can cause the air conditioner to run when it’s not supposed to – forcing the AC unit to work harder than usual to cool the house or run continuously, wasting energy.

A thermostat communicates to the air conditioner when it needs to turn on and off based on the temperature in the house and the programmed settings. If the thermostat is not working correctly, it can fail to properly signal the AC. This can cause the air conditioner to fail to turn on when the house gets too warm or not turn off when it’s properly cooled. 

It can also interfere with smart thermostats. If these wifi-connected devices are programmed, a malfunctioning thermostat can prevent it from following the correct settings and cause it to run when it’s not supposed to. 

Incorrect Temperature Readings

temperatureAnother sign that a thermostat needs to be replaced is if it displays the incorrect temperature. 

If the thermostat reading seems different from the actual temperature in the house, it can signal the thermostat is not working correctly. Homeowners should also watch the thermostat while the air conditioner is running. If the temperature doesn’t change, it can indicate a problem. 

Property owners should also call an AC contractor to inspect their thermostat if the buttons or screen on the device stop working correctly and if the system starts to short cycle.

Short Cycling

If households start to notice their air conditioner turns on and then off again quickly, without properly cooling the house, it can indicate the system is short cycling. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause this issue. 

If the thermostat’s sensors are not accurately detecting the temperature in a house, it cannot correctly alert the AC unit on when to turn on and off. Short cycling can also indicate a wiring issue with the thermostat that prevents it from properly communicating with the AC unit or that the device is dirty and needs cleaning. 

If short cycling occurs, homeowners should call a professional to inspect the thermostat and air conditioner. A technician can accurately determine the cause and replace the thermostat if needed.

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