Advantages of Heating and Cooling With Ductless Mini Splits

What Are Ductless Mini Split Systems?

When Texas homeowners look for ways to keep their homes comfortable all year, they might immediately consider buying an air conditioner or a furnace. However, other options exist – including ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems. 

Denton, TX HVAC technicians offer tips to homeowners on how ductless mini split systems work, including how they reduce energy bills, how their installation process is easier, and how they can heat and cool certain zones of a house.

Reduce Utility Bills

save money When homeowners consider installing a ductless mini split AC system, one of the top reasons to add it to their home is its energy efficiency. These HVAC systems use less energy by:

  • Not using ductwork. Homeowners will not lose heated or cooled air through potential leaks by not relying on air ducts to transport air. 
  • Letting property owners control the temperature in their house through systems in separate zones and only heating or cooling rooms used.
  • Using variable-speed compressors to adjust the speed based on how much the temperature needs to be adjusted in a home.

Simpler Installation Process

When choosing between a forced-air system or a ductless mini-split system, many homeowners opt for it because it is easier to install. 

Because these systems do not require ductwork, they can be faster and easier – and cheaper – to install than forced-air systems. A new central cooling or heating system can require new ductwork, adding to the installation process and work. This makes ductless heating systems ideal for older homes or additions that do not have ductwork.

The ductless mini split heat pumps are also smaller, allowing for more flexibility in adding these units to a house. They can be mounted on walls and ceilings.

Flexibility with Zoning Options

ductless mini splitDuctless mini split air conditioner systems also let homeowners cool only the used areas of their house. If spaces in the house are not used often, property owners do not have to waste money heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

Instead, with ductless units, homeowners can install systems in areas of the house that are commonly occupied and set specific temperatures in each area instead of one temperature for the entire house.

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