Heat Pumps: How They Work

Basics About Heat Pumps

Keeping their house comfortable all year can take a toll on homeowners as they encounter large energy bills. Running the air conditioner to overcome the suffocating Texas heat and humidity is expensive; it can cause utility bills to rise in the summer when heaters are used to combat frigid temperatures. 

Property owners need a more energy-efficient solution to heat and cool their homes – like a heat pump. These efficient systems can accurately keep homes comfortable all year. Denton, TX technicians explain how these units work, the benefits they provide to homes, and signs homeowners should watch for that indicate they need repairs.

How Heat Pumps Warm & Cool Homes

heat pumpHeat pumps use a unique method to heat and cool homes throughout the year – and do it energy efficiently. In the summer, heat pumps cool homes by transferring heat from inside and outside. Then, in winter, they take heat from the ground or air outside and transfer it into the house to provide more comfort. Heating and cooling the house this way is more energy-efficient than using a forced-air AC or furnace. 

Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump System

When homeowners install a heat pump instead of a forced-air AC system or heater, they experience numerous benefits. While the top advantage many homeowners experience after a heat pump installation is more savings on their energy bill, they also offer other benefits to households. 

For example, these units operate more energy efficiently than traditional air conditioners or heaters. They can also heat and cool homes with just one system, eliminating the need to buy two separate units. Heat pumps also operate more quietly than forced-air HVAC systems, providing even heating and cooling throughout the house. They can also last longer than air conditioners or furnaces. 

Symptoms Heat Pump Repairs Are Needed

heat pump repair To keep their houses comfortable all year, homeowners must watch for signs that their heat pump is malfunctioning. It can prevent the house from reaching the ideal temperature if it encounters an issue. Denton, TX, heating and cooling contractors recommend watching for critical symptoms indicating the heat pump needs to be repaired, including if it stops producing warm or cool air. If the house fails to reach the thermostat’s temperature setting, it can be an obvious sign that the system needs to be serviced. 

Homeowners should also pay attention to strange sounds coming from the unit (including rattling, squealing, banging, or grinding) and foul odors. They should also watch for if the system turns on and off quickly, if ice is building up on the coils if moisture is leaking from the system, and if the property’s utility bills have been higher than usual. When property owners experience these symptoms, they should schedule heat pump repairs or replacements with a trusted technician as soon as possible. 

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